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Off Our Backs, 03-01-1995

Star Trek has finally brought the 24th century up to speed, with the first female to sit in the Captain's chair in a Star Trek series, played by Kate Mulgrew. The pressure of anchoring not only the new series, "Star Trek: Voyager" but an entire new network, doesn't phase Mulgrew who is described as "tough and decisive" and "intense."

"There's pressure, but I think it's alleviated by the extraordinary sense of opportunity" she said. Mulgrew seems a natural for the part of Kathryn Janeway, who is the captain of a Starfleet ship that got throw off course and ended up on the other side of the Galaxy and has to find its way home.

Mulgrew enjoys being a role model for girls and women. The series' producers have long refused to cast a woman for the lead role, saying that the predominantly-male audience wouldn't be able to relate to a woman in the Captain's role and that a woman wouldn't be able to handle the rigorous production schedule. Mulgrew is proving them wrong on both counts, working up to 20 hours a day, five days a week to create a believably authoritative yet warm character. So far, Mulgrew has gotten a great response from fans: fan mail and speaking offers from Trekkie conventions started pouring in even before the show debuted. (Info from Entertainment Weekly 1/20/95 and Wisconsin State Journal 1/15/95)

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