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advoKate: One who stamps out false Kate rumors.
alloKate: To reserve or set aside disk space, shelf space, a room, money, time, or other resources for attending conventions at which Kate is appearing, magazines that feature Kate, autographs, pictures, videos, etc....
alterKate-tion: Occurs when fans compete for the same Kate item on eBay .
authentiKate: To find out whether a Kate autograph is real.
colloKate: To be in the same room as Kate (from "collocate" -- To place together or in proper order; arrange side by side.).
communiKate: To send Kate a fan letter; How Kate fans stay in touch. (see also telecommuniKate)
confisKate: What UPN did to certain scenes of Voyager toward the end of the show’s 5th season.
conKate-enate: To add to your Kate collection .
dediKated: What Kate fans are.
deMark-Kate: When the writers removed Mark from Kathryn Janeway's life forever in "Hunters" (from "demarcate" -- actual meaning - irrelevant).
disloKate: To misplace (Heaven, forbid) an item in your Kate collection.
dupliKate: The act of copying a Kate tape or scanning a Kate photo to share with others.
eduKate: To tell a brand new Kate fan everything you know about Kate.
eradiKate: What must be done to false rumors about Kate; What happens to your house while searching for a missing Kate item.
indiKate: To tell what your favorite Janeway moment or episode from Voyager.
intoxiKated: That wonderful feeling you get before, during and after seeing Kate.
Kate: Kate Mulgrew (just in case there’s any question).
Kate-atonia: An affliction that occasionally affects Kate fans when they meet Kate face to face. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: brainfreeze, dry mouth, heart palpitations and vocal arrhythmia (unable to speak).[for D.D.]
Kateydid: Part of a sentence you might hear a Kate fan ask: "Did you hear what Kate-(y)did?" (The "Y" can be silent)
loKate: To find out when and where Kate will next appear at a convention or other function.
mediKate: To cure a Kate fan from Kate withdrawal by giving her a new Kate tape, picture, etc...
plaKate: To give someone ANYTHING in trade for a videotape containing episode(s) from Ryan’s Hope, HeartBeat and/or Mrs. Columbo.
reciproKate: To trade Kate items back and forth among your Kate fan friends.
reloKate: What you have to do when your Kate collection gets too big and you have to move to a new house.
suffoKate: To prevent a person for viewing, listening to or doing something Kate-related. (i.e. surf websites, watching Voyager, reading articles, etc…).
suppliKate: What a Kan fan does when asking someone for a copy of a Kate video, picture, book, etc....
syndiKate: An organized group of Kate fans (or is that an oxymoron? LOL).
telecommuniKate: To chat with Kate fan friends all over the world. (see also communiKate)
vaKate: What you have to do before you reloKate.
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