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This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of links. Just a few that I visit and enjoy.

Kate Sites

Kate Mulgrew Forever--This site inspired me to create my own KM site. It contains some unique stuff. One of my favorites!!

Mulgrew-Biographie.de --A very special website devoted to Kate with a wonderful and unique biography that shows exactly why she captures the hearts of her fans just by being herself.
Available in two languages: ENGLISH & GERMAN

Tea at Five In Europe--A lovely site devoted to Kate and bringing Tea at Five to Europe.

Kate Mulgrew, Etc.--A unique page about Kate. Check it out.

Gorgeous Kate -- [This site is no longer available, but I did not want to remove it from my list] Well, with a title like this, there really is no need for a description. You can never have too many sites that feature Kate Mulgrew so take a look at this creative site. It's very much worth a visit!!

Gill's -- A site by one of most creative people I've met on-line. Lots of J/C stuff! My favorites are the wallpaper, KM Galleries and Giggle Pics... but that's just the beginning.

Actor Shrine: Beholden Beauty - This site includes a lovely page about Kate.

The Kate Mulgrew Website -- [No Longer Active] A fun site about Kate with lots of news and info.

 Captain Kate -- A site for all Kathryn Janeway / Kate Mulgrew fans! Not updated in a while, but still a nice place to visit.

Nuts about Kate! -- Another unique site dedicicated to Kate! Brought to you by DTNT... check out the site to see what that means....  :-)

TOTALLY KATE ! -- Lots of information, tons of pictures!


Kate Puns -- A friend and I had some fun. You have to see it to believe it!

Kate's Birthday Countdown...-- Find out how long it is until Kate's next birthday.

Kate at the 3rd Annual Friends of ICC Benefit Gala--See pictures I took of Kate.

Kate Mulgrew's TV Schedule