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Kate Mulgrew Transcripts
Updated June 12, 2005

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KUOW, Seattle - The Beat, May 24, 2005--G
A candid Kate speaks with Megan Sukys in a conversation about Katharine Hepburn, her portrayal of Hepburn in 'Tea at Five' and reveals some differences between herself and Hepburn.

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E! News Live, March 2003--G
A sassy Kate, discusses playing the role of Katharine Hepburn in the off-Broadway production at the Promenade Theatre. Includes screen captures
Caroline Rhea, April 22, 2003--G
A lovely Kate, chats about the off-Broadway production at the Promenade Theatre.

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Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, July 2000--G
An enthusiastic Kate, with Craig Kilborn about the Kennedys, Star Trek: Voyager's final season and the democratic convention. Screen captures.

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The Howie Mandel Show, January 1999--G
An enchanting Kate chats with Howie Mandel about being honorary Mayor of Brentwood and introduces fiancÚ, Tim Hagan. Pictures included!

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Conan O'Brien, November 1998--PG
A very charming Kate talks with Conan O'Brien about Voyager's 100th episode, "Timeless". Has screen captures.

The Daily Show with host, Craig Kilborn and guest, Kate Mulgrew, November 1998--G A very lovely Kate talks with Craig about Trekkers, the Janeway Hallmark ornament and tries to answers 5 questions. Check out the screen captures.
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Tom Snyder, May 1997--PG 
A very tanned Kate talks with Tom Snyder about her trip to Costa Rica with her sons, growing up in Iowa, and much more.

Regis & Kathy Lee, May 1997--G
Kate talks about her stint as co-host, spices, and upcoming cliffhanger, "Scorpion" Part I. Includes screen captures.

Good Day NY Sunday, Spring 1997--G
Kate talks about upcoming season finale, "Scorpion" Part I, and her acceptance as Captain of a starship.

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Tom Snyder Interview: February 1996--PG-13
Kate is her usual charming, straightforward & witty self in this 1996 chat with Tom Snyder. Screen captures included. (This is my favorite!)

Conan O'Brien, May 1996 --G
From Fabie's Kate Mulgrew Forever site.

In this brief interview, Kate & Conan talk about various topics including her previous appearance on the show and William Shatner. Includes screen captures.

Regis & Kathie Lee, May 1996--G
Kate talks about future dreams and upcoming cliffhanger, "Basics" Part I.

Rosie O'Donnell Show, September 1996--G
A beautiful Kate discusses her start in the business, how she got the roles of Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek:Voyager and Mary Ryan on Ryan's Hope...plus a few surprises.
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7Live, Seattle: Spring 1995 --G
An early interview with Kate. She candidly discusses being captain of a Starship, acting and her sons.

Al Roker,1995--G
In the lengthy conversation, Kate shares her thoughts about Kathryn Janeway, behind the scenes at Voyager and the balancing act of being a working mother. Has screen captures.

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