LIVE with Regis & Kathie Lee with guest, Kate Mulgrew, May, 1997

Transcribed by Saffron -  March 1999


Screen captures by: Totally Kate!

Notes and Disclaimer: I transcribed this, but I don't own the copyright. Contains spoilers for 'Scorpion'. No infringement intended. Please do not post or distribute. Thanks! ENJOY!!

LEGEND: KL=Kathie Lee | RP=Regis | Kate=well, Kate

RP:  ...Here's another big hit, Captain Janeway on Star Trek's Voyager. Come on, she's about to meet up with the Borg.

KL:  Another spice girl.

RP: Yes. Kate Mulgrew, everybody.

[Theme plays as Kate enters and shakes Regis' hand]

RP:  Hi, Kate. Nice to see you again.

[Kate & Kathie Lee hug]

KL: You were so great when you sat in for me.

Kate: You think so?

KL: I thought you were fabulous. I thought if that woman gets off that starship, I'm in trouble because you were so, so good.

Kate: Thank you.

RP: Kathie's talking about that last time Kate was here, you were co-hosting for Kathie Lee when she was on vacation.

Kate: I was, indeed.

RP: And we had quite an event here.

Kate: I approached the bench with trepidation. It's nothing but trouble in this studio. Who have you got lurking behind there? [indicating backstage]

RP: Anyway, out comes Michael Nouri, tall and distinguished..

KL: And very 'Nehru'...

RP: And ya know, when I sit between two people and I feel the ions going back and forth.

Kate: Ions! Ions!

RP: Yes. There was electricity going on...

KL: Fusion...

RP: ...devouring each other with their eyes.

Kate: It was pretty amazing. He followed me over the Rosie O'Donnell.

[clip from 3/97 co-host show]

Kate: First of all, you're very big. How tall are you?

Michael Nouri: 6' 3"

Kate: Oh, that's wonderful. [catches herself, looks embarrassed]

[laughter in audience & on stage]

Regis: You're not married, are you, Michael?

Nouri: Not at the moment.

Kate: You're not? How many.....Have you been... [starts to stammer]

Nouri: Yes, I have.

Regis: I guess she answered that question.

Nouri: Are you, Kate?

Kate: Am I married?

Nouri: Yeah.

Kate: Not at the moment [laughing]

[Laughter and audience applause]

[end of clip]

RP: Oh, yeah. And then you left together and went over to Rosie's show.

Kate: We had fun, but that was dangerous.

RP: You are very happy with the gentleman friend out there in California?

Kate: I am happy with him, yes, thank you.

KL: Things could change.

Kate: Kathie Lee....

KL: Kidding. Just kidding. Oy.

Kate: But I had a ball. You look marvelous.

KL: Thank you.

Kate: .. I was sitting back there watching you. You look so pretty.

RP: Do I look John Forsythe?

[audience laughter] [all talking at once]

RP: Remember 'Din'-asty?

KL: If you were a spice, Kate Mulgrew, what spice would you be?

Kate: What spice would I be?

RP: Oh, [it'd] be the spiciest spice...

Kate: Vanilla was on the tip of my tongue...

R & KL: No, you're not vanilla.

Kate: It's not vanilla, is it?

RP: Tutti-frutti maybe, but not vanilla.

Kate: It certainly isn't Tutti-frutti. What would you be?

RP: Me? Vanilla.

Kate: I know what I'd be.

R & KL: What?

Kate: Saffron.

RP: Ooo, Saffron.

KL: Mysterious..

Kate: Exotic, very rare, extremely expensive, shall I go on?


KL: High maintenance spice.

Kate: Yes.

RP: Congratulations on your cover...

Kate: Thank you.

RP: ...this looks like a biggie coming up for uh...

Kate: Thank you. This is a *great* season finale.

RP: Is it really?

Kate: I must say, I saw a rough cut the other day and I am very pleased.

RP: The Borg.

Kate: Who are the.... you ready? Regis, who are the Borg?

RP: The Borgs are alien space aliens from an alien planet. Everybody's an alien up there.

Kate: What is so frightening about the Borg?

RP: They got one eye in lipstick on their forehead.

Kate: Uh-huh. He knows a great deal about the Borg.

RP: No, I don't know. What is...

Kate: The Borg are the most terrifying species in the Delta Quadrant.

RP: Why? I've always loved them, why?

Kate: Because they have no humanity, they have no conscience, and they are without mercy.

KL: Oh, you mean they work for the press.

[laughs, whistles & applause]

KL: A little joke. [winks] Just a little joke. [to Kate] You bring out the worst in me, honey.

Kate: Yeah...

RP: So this big finale is coming up.

Kate: Yes, next Wednesday.

RP: All right, let's take a look. Now here's Captain Janeway reacting to a close call with the Borg

[clip from 'Scorpion' part 1]

Janeway:  Did we sustain any damage?

Harry:  No, shields held. Warp engines are coming back online. All primary systems are stable.

Janeway:  Stand down red alert. Harry, maintain a long range sensor lock on that Borg armada. They seemed to be in quite a hurry, didn't they? I'd like to know what they're up to.

Harry:  Yes, ma'am.

Janeway:  I'll take this near miss as a good omen. Resume our course, Mr. Paris.

Chakotay:  If we needed any more evidence that we've entered Borg space, I think we just got it.

Janeway:  I'll be in my ready room.

[end of clip]


KL: What's gonna happen?

RP: I can't stand it! My money's on Captain Janeway.

Kate: Is it?

KL: It's in your contract, you're coming back next year.

Kate: I don't know.

RP: We don't care how tough the Borgs are.

Kate: Commander Chakotay and's going to be very tense.

KL: Ho.

RP: No kidding.

Kate: I end up... I'm gonna say this, and no more because I think it's wrong to sort of give too much away...

KL: Yeah, don't spoil it, right.

Kate: I end up on the Borg cube, separated from the ship.

RP: What?

Kate: That's the season finale.

KL: And we don't know what's g-....

Kate: I'm alone in the hive.

RP: Oh my G-...

Kate: Do you know what the hive is, Regis?

RP: The hive is, uh...

Kate: Where the bees are.

RP: The bees!

Kate: Very good.

[audience laughter & applause]

RP: Let me just ask you one thing. What are you doing up there and when are you coming home?

[Kate & KL laugh]

RP: They up there, they're zooming, they're going, where are you going?

Kate: A lot of problems are gonna happen in the Delta Quadrant, it's unending.

RP: All right, it looks like a big finale coming up.

Kate: Three more years a least.

KL: Good for you.

RP: Thanks, Kate.

Kate: Thank you.

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