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This page will also include videos featuring Kate as herself and other characters, but the majority of videos will focus on Janeway & Voyager.


Saffron's Janeway Videos

NOTE: Some of the older videos may be removed to make room for new ones, so get them while you can.

All files are compressed (zipped) Windows Media files unless otherwise noted.

** Thank you to Xnedrabourne for her kindness and generosity **

To save bandwidth, please right click and use your computer's 'Save As' feature.

Thank you & Enjoy! :o)

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***Do not take clips from my vids and use them in any way, shape or form...including, but not limited to, vids and screen caps.***


The Show Must Go On [Janeway/Year Of Hell]

Alléluia [Janeway]

Frantic [Janeway]
High Res (19.6MB) ~ Lo Res (5.95 MB)

Blue Christmas [Janeway]

Harder To Breathe [Janeway/YOHell]

A Ridiculous Janeway Video [Janeway]

Proper Cuppa Coffee [Janeway]

Wonder Woman [Macrocosm]
- [2nd Place in 2005
Voyager Music
Video Contest
, Character category]

(For Amanda, who suggested the song)

Supergrrl Too [Year of Hell]

Why [Sacred Ground]

Coffee, Black*
- [1st Place in 2004
Voyager Music
Video Contest
, Character category]
- [Chakotay Award for Best
Inanimate Object
in 2004
J/7 Music Video Awards ]

Killer Queen [Bride of Chaotica]

Pressure [Scientific Method]

Fighter [Macrocosm]



I'm Gonna Getcha Good



Words Unspoken
- [2nd Place in 2005 Voyager Music
Video Contest
, Character category]

Consequences of Falling

Constant Craving

Night & Day

To Make You Feel My Love
(inspired by the Just Between series)

White Flag

Goodbye To You [Dark Frontier]
(what if Janeway hadn't saved Seven)

Weakness In Me [Dark Frontier]


I Wanna Talk About Me [C & J]

Modern Man [Drone]

Memories [J/C]

Beyond Words [Memorial]

I Remember LA [Future's End - J & C]

Home [Scorpion {Janeway-J,C}

No Bad News [Borg Queen]

Fallen [Equinox]

The Wizard [Q]

Q Cantina [various Q]

The Ballad of Star Trek: Voyager [Caretaker]
(a.k.a. The Ballad of Gilligan's Island)

 If You Could Read My Mind [Gravity]

The Wreckoning [Counterpoint]
[PG/PG-13 for language]

The Delta Flyer [Season 5 Montage]

I will Remember You [Kes]

Never Get Enough of You [J/C]

 Walk Away [Counterpoint]

And So It Goes [J/C]

Supergrrl [Year of Hell]
(J with a touch of C)

Ice [Counterpoint]*
[2nd Place in 2003
Awesome Artist Awards, Voyager Videos]

Stay [Workforce]


Childhood [Seven]
The result of a challenge with a friend

Thriller [Halloween]
6:55 minutes,18.5 MB

Fighter 2006 [Janeway]
A remake of my first Voyager video - Celebrating Three Years of Vidding

Beautiful (As You) [J/C]
A Special Gift for a Special Friend

KM Vids

Three Degrees of Inspiration

UPN Promos

A Bit of Tchaikovsky

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