A Bit of Tchaikovsky
A Celebration of Star Trek: Voyager's 2nd Season

This little video project was a chance for me to combine my love of Tchaikovsky's music plus my passion towards Kate Mulgrew, Kathryn Janeway and Voyager. I welcome the chance to share it with you. I've found that footage from the show sometimes lends itself quite nicely to the dramaticism and emotion of Tchaikovsky's music. Also, I think the 2nd season of Star Trek: Voyager has the most number of enjoyable episode, compared to other seasons I hope you have as much fun watching these as I did making them. Besides, I wouldn't mind having someone around who appreciates a bit of Tchaikovsky now and then.  :D These videos are made with digital footage.(They will be released one at a time to give people a chance to download them and to preserve bandwidth.)

NOTE TO MY FELLOW VIDDERS:  If you use some of this footage for your vids, please ask, give credit or at least let me know. It took a lot of time, energy and money to get this footage and I'd greatly appreciate this courtesy. Plus, I might want to see your video. :) Thanks!!

But before I begin I'd like to give 'A click of the mouse' to a couple of people:
Sazzy, who showed me that videos could be presented in a larger format & raspy, whose own work led me to aspire to create a video using classical music...even though it took me a year to do it.

1. Star Trek: Voyager & her crew: I made this video second in the series. This was a video that kind of just fell together.  All I was was a basic idea for the beginning and I knew what clip I wanted to use for the end.... and I knew which section of the music I wanted to place a certain clip from 'The Thaw", and that was it. What amazed me was how well the clips matched the mood of the music. I'm just sorry I didn't get enough B'Elanna in it as I'd intended. I hope you enjoy it. [ 06:11 ]   7.4MB WMV

2: Theme & Variations: This piece is a movement from one of Tchaikovsky's Orchestral Suites and was originally about 18 minutes. I broke it up into sections and used the theme and some of the variations to feature several choice favorite moments in a series of what I like to call 'mini-videos'.

Theme - Starship Voyager: This mini-video features the Federation Starship Voyager cruising through space. [ 00:55 ]

Variation 1 - Kes: This mini-video features Kes, one of my favorite characters. [ 00:58 ]

Variation 2 - Janeway & some unbalanced moments: These are some moments I noticed while making the longer videos and thought they deserved their own 'moment in the sun.' [ 00:43 ]

Variation 3 - Bath Time: Nothing special really.  Janeway's bath scene in 'Resolutions' is really not long enough IMHO, so I just made it longer... and added some nice soothing music for your enjoyment. :-) [ 00:58 ]

Variation 4 - Janeway & Tuvok: This mini-video features some nice moments between Captain Janeway & Lieutenant Tuvok. [ 01:20 ]

Variation 7 - Janeway & Chakotay: The obligatory J/C 'Resolutions' mini-video. (Come on...you  knew it was coming...) [ 01:41 ]

3. Kathryn Janeway:  This was the first video of this series that I made and features some of my absolute favorite Janeway moments from Voyager's second season. I always knew that I enjoyed some episodes that just happen to be in the second season, but the Season 2 DVDs reminded me why I fell in love with Kathryn Janeway in the first place. I think this video is a reflection of that. I'm quite pleased with the final product and I think it's my favorite out all of these. When I started it, I wasn't really sure that I could pull it off, especially with the tempo. But as always, Kate's image is always inspiring and a pleasure to work with. I hope you enjoy it. [ 04:44 ]   5.1 MB WMV

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