A Second Chance

This story begins about 3 months after the episode "The 37s". It does not follow the Voyager actual time line, although there may be references to certain moments in the series.

Part 1: Maybe Later [PG]--Kathryn Janeway regrets a missed opportunity in her past. Will she take advantage of a second chance?. (not officially beta-read)

Part 2: Consequence [PG]--Every action has a consequence. The question is, will it be positive or negative? (not beta-read)

Part 3: Reality Bites [PG]--Fear can hinder many a thing - Will it do the same for Melanie & Kathryn's relationship?

Part 4: Unforeseen Circumstances [R-NC17]--Something unexpected occurs between Kathryn and Melanie.

Part 5: Love's Second Chance [NC17]--This time, Kathryn and Melanie are not separated by fear but by circumstance.

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