Started/Completed: September 28, 2005

Disclaimer: Voyager belongs to Paramount. The idea belongs to me.

Rating: PG-13

by Saffron 2005

The moment Kathryn Janeway walking into her quarters, she felt herself backed into a nearby wall, her hands firmly held above her head by a Borg-enhanced grip. "Seven?"

A forefinger was placed against her lips. "Silence."

As the finger was immediately replaced by a pair of soft, yet insistent lips, Kathryn put her mouth to much better use as she returned the kiss. As a soft moan fill her mouth, the lips released her.

A hand closed over her left breast, causing her back to arch in reflexive motion and she struggled against the hand that still held her arms above her head.

As the hand fingered her nipple through her clothes, Kathryn stared into the beautiful yet oddly calm face of her partner of two years. She opened her mouth to speak then closed it as an ocular implant elevated slightly.

As the hand slowly made a path to her center, Kathryn caught her breath, momentarily wondering what she'd done to deserve such treatment.

She stiffened as the skillful fingers found their target. Her head fell back against the wall as tingling sensations shot from her center like tiny bolts of lightening. As her pelvis began to move in rhythm with the relentless fingers, she found herself suddenly released.

After shaking her head to remove the sensual haze, she stared at Seven with askance. "Seven. What…?"

"You were late."

Kathryn stepped away from the wall. "What?"

"I do not reward tardiness. We will eat now." Seven turned abruptly and went to the replicator.

Kathryn, watching as her body tingled with unreleased desire, suddenly had new respect for her partner. She leaned back against the wall and crossed her arms, creating subtle pressure against her hardened nipples.

Seven set two plates of food on the table then looked up at her partner.

They stared at each other in a battle of wills, Kathryn knowing already that she would lose. But aside from the fact that she wanted to toss the plates to the floor and ravish Seven on the table, an irrational streak of stubbornness refused to let her give in. Finally, with an exasperated and exaggerated sigh, she uncrossed her arms and took her place at the table.

She sat there, staring at Seven, marveling in her beauty, loving the way her face was framed by blonde hair and the full lips still a little red from the kiss. "I’m sorry I was late," a contrite expression playing on her features.

A barely existent smile caused Seven lips to twitch. "Apology accepted."

They shared a gaze a few moments longer before their attention turned to their food, each knowing exactly what was for dessert. 



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