Completed: April 12, 2005

Disclaimer: Voyager belongs to Paramount. The idea belongs to me.

Rating: PG

by Saffron 2005


His thoughts were of her.

Her eyes. The bluest of blue. So expressive. So soulful. So intense.

Her laugh. Sensual reverberations in her chest that sent shivers down his spine and jolts of desire down to…other places.

Her hands. Strong yet gentle. Commanding yet loving.

Her hips. The way they moved when she walked. The way the felt against his own during intimate dances.

Her smile. The playful smile. The rueful grin. The sensual leer.

Her lips. Moving when she talked. Framing her smiles. Teasing and tantalizing as they nibbled his skin.

"What are you thinking about?" Kathryn's soft voice invaded his thoughts.

Chakotay smiled and kissed her. "You."



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