Kathryn & Ana

Kathryn & Ana
Graphic by Lady Dameon; click on graphic to see bigger one

Chapter 1: Overtures [PG]--Kathryn Janeway get aquainted with a crewmember in the most unusual way.

Chapter 2: Into and Beyond the Night [PG]--As Kathryn distances herself from the crew, Ana attempts to take the relationship further. Spoilers for 'Night'

Chapter 3: The Day After [PG]--I think the title says it all! :)

Chapter 4: Progression [PG]--Life moves along...and so do Kathryn and Ana.

Chapter 5: After Counterpoint [PG]--The events in 'Counterpoint' have an effect on Kathryn and Ana's fledgling relationship.

Chapter 6: An Eye Opener [PG]--How will Kathryn react when their relationship and Ana's very life is threatened?

Chapter 7: Finally... [R/NC-17]--Recuperation and consummation... what more can I say? ;-)

Kathryn & Ana: The Party--A Stand-alone short story: Kathryn & Ana attend a party on Voyager [PG]

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