Favorite Links
Classic & Uber Janeway Fan Fiction
[ Note: Most of these links lead to stories that feature same-gender romance and have ratings up to NC-17. If that's not for you, it's illegal where you are or you're just plain too young, search for something else. ]

This is by no means a complete list. Just a few favorites that I visit often.

Ethan Bellamy - A rare and wonderful story by vanhunks with Janeway paired with an original male character. I enjoyed the story so much, I was inspired to make fan art and was honored that vanhunks liked one enough to feature it on her page. (A link to my fan art is also on this page.)

Past Imperfect - A wonderful site for a wonderful author. I truly enjoy her characterization of Janeway and her plot & character development. Features my favorite Janeway pairing - J/f.

G. Brooke Fiction - I discovered G. Brooke's writing in 2003. Each story is a different ride and I have enjoy every single one of them. There is uber fiction, classic fiction, original stories, manipulated graphics, music videos and more.

Endless Voyager - Stories by Fewthistle. I particularlly like the Sleeping Beauty story in the Star Trek Voyager section.

Novel Expectations Homepage - G L Dartt's web page. Features the 50-part Just Between series, the Counsellor series, the new Millennium series, plus her most recent Bad Girls fan fiction. I really enjoy her stories. I think she have a wonderful grasp of the Kathryn Janeway character - her strengths, her vulnerabilities and her love for Seven.

The Delta Quadrant of Venus--An awesome site with LOTS of variety. Includes fan fiction, 'Pulp Art' (you have to check it out to understand) and more! Highly Recommended!

J/7 Alcove - Home to writngs of Elize, Onyx, Zuinx, Sistah Shoop, Casta Diva and other wonderful guest authors.

Astrometrics - Home to Susan's Story Page, which contains 2 of my favorite stories: 'Harsh Light of Day' & 'Shattered Time'.

Snowolf's Fanfiction - Home to the very enjoyable 'Tropics' original fic and other wonderful writings.

O Captain, My Captain - I never even considered the J/T pairing until I read the stories on this page. Stop by...she might change your mind too.

Janeway Kashyk Fan Fiction - My site featuring Janeway/Kashyk Fan Fiction

LZFiction - A site featuring various genre of fan fiction, original ficiton, music videos and more. My personal favorite is 'The Queen's Gift'.

Glynis's Original Fiction - Home to 'Melting Ice' & 'Counting The Costs' stories.

var [title] - Home to Anik LaChev's 'Campus' Series

Vaxen: Elemental Voyager - Home to Star Trek:Voyager Janeway/Seven Subtext Fan Fiction, Music videos and screen captures.

Trefoil Awards - I discovered a lot of new stories and authors through this site. I even had a video nominated. It's definately worth a visit.

Boadicea's Fan Fic -There are some stories on this page that I truly enjoy... especially The Dress. You should go see what I'm talking about. :) There's other Janeway fan fiction besides J/7.

FemFic.org - A place to find alt fem fic of many genre, including original fiction. - hasn't been updated in a while, but it's still worth taking a look.

Die JC Die - A fanfic contest with a twist!! Works for me as long as Janeway is still there. Lots of variety. Just no J/C. :o)

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