Saffron's Stories
updated: November 3, 2007

Short Stories

She's out of my life - This is my first (and only) attempt at J/7. It was inspired by previews of Dark Frontier (possible spoilers). PG for angst!

I am Borg - This is a humourous short was written by Lady Dameon and myself via ICQ. It is pure silliness. :) PG just in case...

Fly With You - A J/P song parody of Queen's 'Bicycle Race'. I had the Delta Flyer in mind when I wrote it... MIDI included... It is purely for fun. :)PG

Comfort in your arms [PG] - co-written with Lady Dameon, this Kathryn & Kashyk story is one in which they rediscover each other after their encounter in 'Counterpoint'. Very few spoilers, if any. [See graphic created by Lady Dameon]

Winter Wonderland - The captain has to take a day off. Who will she spend it with?? [PG ]

Foreplay [PG-13] - J/7 - Sorry... no summary... I want this one to be a surprise. *evil grin*

Silver & Blue [G/PG] - A J/7 Holiday Story (very short)

Truth & Hope: A Captain's Christmas [G] - A Holiday Story - J/T (Co-written with Sira.)

*new*Ten Minutes [R] - A J/T story


The Most Romantic Place [PG] - a J/7 drabble

Hairplay [PG] - a J/7 drabble

Finally  [PG-13 - R] - a Janeway drabble

True Love [G] - a Janeway drabble

The Captain's Other Love  [G] - a Janeway drabble

Kathryn & Ana series - A J/f story in 7 parts [PG - NC17]

A Second Chance - A J/f story in 5 parts. Inspired by the episode "The 37s". [PG - NC17]

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