Completed: April 11, 2005

Disclaimer: Voyager belongs to Paramount. The idea belongs to me.

Rating: G

The Most Romantic Place
by Saffron 2005


Kathryn Janeway sat by her ready room window, lost in her thoughts.

Thoughts of Seven – the woman who changed her life.

Images of Seven flickered in Kathryn's mind.

Her eyes…. hair…. lips and…. her smile.

Seven did smile. Not many saw her special smile.

The first time for Kathryn was last week.

The time had felt right.

Alone together in the cargo bay.

Not the most romantic place…however…

Kathryn finally voiced four special words.

"I love you, Seven."

Seven smiled, stopping Kathryn's heart.


Their first kiss.

Suddenly the cargo bay was the most romantic place in the galaxy.



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