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This page is dedicated to the relationship of Captain Kathryn Janeway and Commander Chakotay. Links included are my personal favorites. Also featured are some of the stories that I have written.

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Saffron's Stories
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These are my J/C stories. Thanks for stopping by!

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Butterflies (December 2006)-- [G] What if Chakotay and Kathryn met at the academy - A short story.

At the End of the Day (April 2006)-- [PG] Inspired by an image of the same name by Gilly - Has angst, but a nice ending, I think. :)

Lately (Feburary 2006)-- [PG] Song fic - very short - full of angst

Repercussions (August 2005)-- [PG/PG-13] An episode addition to the episode, 'Memorial'

Stalemate (April 2005)-- [G] a J/C drabble

Her (April 2005)-- [PG] a J/C drabble

True Love (April 2005)-- [G] a Janeway drabble

The Captain's Other Love (April 2005)-- [G] a Janeway drabble

Vignette Series  (January 2001)

This is a series of vignettes....written in 1999 designed to fit around my story A Family Moment. (listed below) I'd hoped to write more of them, but it never came to pass. I was waiting to post them until then, but since that didn't happen, I am posting them as is. They were written out of order.

Remembering Kathryn (June 2000)--Angst Alert... How Chakotay and the crew remember their Captain. (formerly known as 'Reminiscing')

Mad Scientist Janeway (July 1999)--a drabble-wannabe

Gotcha! (July 1999)--a drabble

The Dream (July 1999)--Kathryn Janeway has a dream. A vignette.

If you Like Kathryn Janeway (February 1999)--A silly song about who else?...none other than Captain Janeway. This is what happens when you don't get enough sleep. ;-)

The Encounter (February 1999)--A vignette;A young ensign has a crush on Captain Janeway... Inspired by a friend's encounter with Kate Mulgrew.

Thank You for Being a Friend (January 1999)--A tribute to friendship. Very sappy.

The Hunt (December 1998)--Someone sends Kathryn on a scavenger hunt. A holiday story.

The 'Night' Series

A 'Night' Prequel (October 1998)--Spoiler alert!! This is just a short ditty about what might have happened before 'Night' began...It begged to be written, so what else could I do?

A 'Night' Sequel (October 1998)--Spoiler alert!! I hadn't intended on writing a sequel, but here it is...

Reaching Out (October 1998)--Spoiler alert!! A short Vignette that ties events in 'Night' to those in 'Extreme Risk'. 

Pursuit of Closure (September 1998)--Hankie alert!! How will Kathryn and her crew cope after losing an important crew member. [NOTE:This story has been deemed very sad…]

What He Wants (August 1998)--Follow Chakotay's journey to get what (or who) he wants.

All or Nothing (August 1998)-- Chakotay gives Janeway an will she respond?

No Longer Alone (July 1998)--My second story--definitely J/C. Contains mush, so be warned.

Resolutions Vignette (March 1998)--My first story, a vignette that completes the ending of "Resolutions."

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Saffron's Links

**This is not an exhaustive list - Just my favorites** The JetC Official Webpage --This is where you find out what JetC is all about! Why don't you stop by?

JetC @ The.Stilwells -- I became aquainted with this author when I was a member of JetC20. She is definitely on my list of favorites.

monkee's homepage -- One of my favorite authors now has a home page. [My favorite story is "Finding Peace" and one called "Command Styles' is darn good too!] There are some delightful stories as well as mini-reviews of this season's Voyager episodes [I love the 'Janeway Watch' part]. Well worth stopping by!

Karma's J/C Story Index -- An awesome writer who writes some of the A/U stories I've ever read. I also like them 'cause she writes multi-part stories. Well worth stopping by!

Gill's Janeway & Chakotay page-- This is a page worth your time to visit!  She's got LOTS of stuff on her site: stories, other J/C banners, and my favorite, the Kate Mulgrew art. Well worth stopping by!

Kate's Voyager Stories -- This write definitely captures the steamy side of J/C. Well worth stopping by! There are NC-17 stories, so if you are under age 18, (and you know who you are), don't read 'em.

Sacajawea -- There are some very clever stories and other Voyager stuff on this site. There are NC-17 stories, so if you are under age 18, (and you know who you are), don't read 'em.

Lady Dameon's Home Page

Kat's Fanfic -- This is a page of a fellow JetC14. I recently discovered her stories and I truly enjoy them. The stories that I have read were intensely dark and emotional and I'll be back to read more. There are NC-17 stories, so if you are under age 18, (and you know who you are), don't read 'em.

Kadith's Weyr -- This author write stories that I really enjoy. I go back and read them over and over again. You should too! :) There are NC-17 stories, so if you are under age 18, (and you know who you are), don't read 'em.

The JetC15 Homepage -- This page contains stories from the talented members of the JetC15 pond. I'm a member of this pondl. Take a gander at what we've got to offer! :)

The JetC20 Homepage -- An awesome pond that I used to be a member of.

Arachnia's Web -- A well done and creative site dedicicated to Kate and Janeway. There are stories, (she's on my list of favorite authors), con reports (which include pictures of Kate), links, and other stuff.

The Official J-C Story Index -- Frequent visits to this site will provide you with no shortage of reading material...check it out!!! Maintained & updated often!!!

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