Written: April 27, 1999

Disclaimer: Do I even have to say it?

Author's Notes: I don't know where this story came from...but consider if you will, what if, some time before Kes left the ship, Voyager made it home and Kathryn settled down with the man of her dreams. This could be a moment in their lives.

Rating: PG

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A Family Moment

By Saffron

Kathryn was awakened by a slight pressure on her chest. She slowly opened her eyes to see a pair of large dark blue eyes looking down at her. "Hi Mommy." Kathryn smiled at her daughter, Tayryn, who was laying on her chest.

They simultaneously turned to look at the motionless form lying next to Kathryn.

"Daddy..." said Tayryn.

Facing away from them, the Chakotay's dark head didn't move. Kathryn felt the urge to reach over and run her fingers through his soft hair but instead, Kathryn returned her attention to Tayryn. "Tay, what are you doing up so early?" she said warmly.

Tayryn, now sitting up on Kathryn's abdomen, shrugged her shoulders. Her face suddenly became sad. "You have to go away again, don't you?"

Kathryn's heart panged. She nodded silently. Kathryn had to report for duty at 1500 hours. She looked at the time. It was 0500.

To prepare herself for the possible conversation they were about to have, Kathryn almost sat up before she realized she had no clothes on. The previous evening activities has seen to that.

Movement to her left caught her attention. Before she could turn her head to look, she felt an arm move around her waist. Kathryn gave him a sharp elbow to the ribs and his eyes popped open to see his daughter's eyes watching them very closely.

And still he moved his body closer to Kathryn, his warm skin against hers, his arm around her, keeping her from squirming away. His eyes filled with love as he looked at the two women in his life.

Seeing her father smile, Tayryn lifted herself off of Kathryn and leaped toward him. "Daddy!" Chakotay sat up quickly to avoid injury that had occurred under similar circumstances, and gathered Tayryn in his arms, his fingers finding those ticklish spots that sent the child into a giggling fit. "And what's my little girl doing up so early? Hmm?" Tayryn was laughing so hard, she couldn't answer him.

Kathryn watched them interact. She felt her heart start to ache. It was a familiar ache. It happened every time she had to go away on a mission and leave her family behind.

Chakotay recognized the look in Kathryn's eyes. He knew they had some long hours before she had to leave. He pulled Tayryn into a big hug, lifted her up and placed her on the floor. Tayryn looked up at him, disappointed that the fun had stopped. "Why don't you go and find Kes so she can help you get dress and then you can play with Milly for a while?" he suggested.

Tayryn's face lit up. Milly was an Irish Setter puppy that's she'd gotten a couple of months ago for her 5th birthday. As though hearing her name, the 8-year-old Ocampan peeked into the room. "There's you are! I've been looking all over for you. And so has Milly." said Kes, trying to keep her grip on the wriggling puppy she held in her arms. Kes looked at Kathryn and Chakotay and smiled. Tayryn ran towards Kes, her disappointment quickly forgotten.

Kathryn smiled after them, thankful that Kes had decided to stay with them and help with the child when it was discovered, upon Voyager's return to the Alpha quadrant, that Kathryn was pregnant.  She turned her head back to look at Chakotay and found him staring at her, concerned furrowing on his brow. "You *can* cry, you know." He said softly.

Kathryn wordlessly nodded. "You know...once I'm on the ship, I'm ok."

"I know."

"Do you hate me for staying in Starfleet?" she asked.

"Do you hate me for not coming along on the missions?" he countered.

Kathryn knew how silly her question was, but it was one she always asked before she left on a mission.

Chakotay leaned in a kissed her. "No. I *don't* hate you... for any reason. I love you"

Kathryn smiled through her tears. "I know. I just needed to hear it."

Chakotay moved his hand across Kathryn soft stomach and pulled himself closer to him. "I know. That's why I said it."

They lay in each others arms for undeterminable minutes when Kathryn finally spoke. "Make love to me."

Chakotay pulled back to study her face. "But last night..."

"Last night...was wonderful. I...I just need....,"  she bit her lip. "Please..."

Chakotay studied Kathryn's face then once again,  pressed his lips to hers, every movement expressing how much he loved her.


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