Written: February 11, 1999

Rating: G/PG

Author’s Note & Disclaimer: I don’t know what possessed me to do this. But please realize that this is just for fun, no copyright infringement intended. Enjoy… and please send feedback… if only to reinforce my knowledge of how nutty I really am. This little ditty was published in "Now Voyager", the newletter for the Kate Mulgrew Appreciation Society.

If You Like Kathryn Janeway
(to the tune of "If You’re Happy and You Know it")

If you like Kathryn Janeway, clap your hands
If you like Kathryn Janeway, clap your hands
I know this song is odd
But if you like her, please just nod
If you like Kathryn Janeway, clap your hands

The issue of her gender is talked a lot
We get the point so please now let’s move on
It’s importance is rather clear
Let’s give her a rousing cheer
Among those guys, she really can hold her own.

Let’s take a moment to talk about her hair
I know you’d rather not, but I don’t care
I hate it that she cut it
And I hate the bun as well
But it doesn’t matter
‘Cause she sits in the big chair

Some say that she is a role model
The 4 pips on her collar are really swell
That’s probably is true
But you know what made me drool
The kiss with Kashyk, I must admit was cool

The TPTB don’t do what we want them to
So I’ll tell you fans what we really otta do
Let’s lock them all away
So the characters will do what we say
Perhaps even find a lover for Janeway

I know this song can really go on and on
But if you didn’t like it, you’d be long gone
So why don’t I say
What I really came here to say
I truly adore the character, Kathryn Janeway

I’ll bet you thought this song was at an end
I really cannot stop what I began
So please don’t rant and curse
Or even put me in a hearse
Ha ha, I made you read just one more verse.


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