Kate's Voyager Stories

Okay, since Saffron was so nice offering me a little place at her web page for my stories, I guess I better sit down and do add some comments to it. :)

Although there really is not much to tell but I try anyway. I am currently 24 years old and pretend to be studying English. I am not a native English speaker so be warned if the grammar and wording is not the way it should be.

I am a major Kate and Robert fan and do enjoy watching Voyager immensely. The J/C chemistry fascinated me from the beginning but I wrote my first story long after the show started. That my stories are out on the web now is mostly Saffron's fault since she offered to do this for me. But also because of the members of a certain Kate list (and you know who you are) as well as my best friend Nutty who keeps me going more times than she knows.

Anyways, enough of my babbling go and enjoy. Or not. Comments, good or bad are always welcome at phi97abc@yahoo.de

So long,

Kate :)

Just A Simple Argument [NC-17] (Oct. 1999)

Chakotay's Counterpoint [NC-17] (Feb. 2000)

The Tree House [NC-17] (July 2000)
Note: Contains spoilers for 'Unimatix Zero I'

Repressions of Another Kind [NC-17] (Oct. 2000)
Note: Contains spoilers for 'Repression'

Temporal Revelations [NC-17] (Jan. 2001)

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