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Written: 7/23/99 1:20 p.m.
Rated: PGish

Mad Scientist Janeway

a drabble-wannabe by Saffron

Janeway smiled an evil smile. She mixed the blue liquid with the red liquid. She watched as the bubbles flowed to the top of the now purple liquid.

She dropped a strand of his hair in to the liquid and watch the liquid develop a foamy head.

She looked down at her subject. He was just regaining conscious. "Kathryn, why?" he cried. "You're mad! Mad, I tell you!"

Janeway chuckled low in her chest. "I must have more. One is not enough." She walked over the large chamber at the other side of the room."

"Stop!!" cried Chakotay.

Janeway glanced back at him, her eyes taking in his scantily clad body. "I must have more." And with that, she poured the purple liquid into a tube at the side of the chamber, closed it's door and turned it on.

The chamber shivered briefly then stopped with a 'ding'.

Janeway put her hand on the door and looked back at Chakotay, who was struggling against his binds.

She pulled the door open, and out stepped ... Chakotay...a drone in a loin cloth.

Janeway wiped the drool from the side of mouth and looked back and forth between the two men. "No... you can never have to many."



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