Written: 3/13/1998 11:38 p.m.

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Author's Note: This was inspired by my initial discovery of fan fiction in mid-March 1998. It's my first attempt at fan fiction. :o) and it's J/C of course...

Rating: PG

Resolutions Epilogue

(c) 1998 by Saffron

Kathryn sat in her Ready Room and looked out at the stars. She and Chakotay had just gotten back from New Earth and it was business as usual.

Things were going to be different from now. The question now was whether to acknowledge, to him and herself, that there was a difference.

Her thoughts were interrupted her door chime.

She hesitated before she responded "Come."

It was Tuvok. She was annoyed by the disappointment she felt that it wasn't Chakotay.


"Yes Tuvok"

"I feel that is only right that I receive punishment for disobeying your direct orders."

Kathryn stood up and silently walked over to Tuvok 'til she was barely invading his personal space.

"You do, do you."

"Don't you think that should be my decision?"

"Captain, I was only thinking that it would set a good example for the rest of the crew."

"That's sounds very logical, Tuvok..."she paused, while walking away from him. "...However, it you had followed those orders, Chakotay and I would not be here, correct?" she turned to face him.

Tuvok looked at her and nodded his head slightly in acknowledgement.

"I don't think you need punishment, Tuvok. At the moment you made your decision, you were the Captain of Voyager and you followed your judgement. There is no punishment for that."

Tuvok started to respond, but the door chimed again.

*Now what?* thought Janeway, who was standing near the door turned as the doors opened and was face to face with Chakotay.

They looked into each other's eyes a bit too long for her comfort. She quickly regained her composure and turned to Tuvok.

"Is there more you think we need to discuss, Tuvok?"

"No, Captain. If you will excuse me."

Chakotay moved to allow Tuvok to pass then stood in Kathryn's doorway, looking at her. She would not look at him but moved a way from the door. He took that as a sign to come in.

"Should I say it?" he asked after the door closed.

She faced him, leaning back on her desk.

"What? What do you think need's to be said?" she spoke with more anger in her voice than she intended. It was as if she were daring him to say it.

They stood in silence for a moment.

"Something has changed between us..." Chakotay finally spoke.

She nodded and looked at him. She fought the urge to go to him...feel him close to her.

"But what do we do about it? Do you think we can fix it?"

Chakotay sighed. "Why should we fix it? We started something very special on New Earth. I would hate to let it go."

She looked at him with questions in her deep blue eyes, her thoughts racing...what about protocol, how would the crew react...there would be no easy answers.

Chakotay could see the questions in her eyes. She looked so vulnerable right now...something she rarely allowed to show.

It was that moment they had both been dreading. To either go forward, past the point of no return or resume their platonic Captain/Commander relationship.

It was in that instant they both took a step toward each other and reached out towards each other.

Kathryn stood close to him, with her hand on his chest. She could hear his heartbeat quicken as they stood there. She felt his strong hand under her chin lifting her face towards his. She closed her eyes and felt his lips touch hers.

All of a sudden, she felt apprehensive and unsure of herself. She wanted someone else to take charge for a change and that he did. He put his arms around her and held her closer as he pushed his tongue in between her lips.

They were both startled by a voice. It was B'Ellana. "Engineering to Captain."

Chakotay relaxed his arms around her but did not take them away. He smiled at her...she smiled back, knowing they were about to explore a strange new world...together.

THE END??????

Let me know, but remember, this was my first story...: Saffron

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