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Written: August 15, 1999

Rating: PG

The Kiss


"You may now kiss the captain," stated Tuvok.

The crew that surrounded the couple murmured and chuckled.

Kathryn stepped forward so she was toe-to-toe with her now husband. His dark eyes, filled with passion, bore into hers as he moved closer.

When his lips touched hers, the hand that rested on his shoulder gripped his uniform. She forgot her crew surrounded her. She forgot she was the captain. She even forgot her own name. All she knew was love for this man who pulled her closer, holding her up. She felt herself hungrily respond to the kiss, only returning to reality when Chakotay diplomatically extracted himself from her.

She felt her face warm as she realized her crew had watched the whole display, but was comforted when they started to applaud.


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